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Kingsley Shacklebolt
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Giới tínhMale
Màu tócnone
Màu mắtUnknown
Gia đìnhUnknown
Gắn bóOrder of the Phoenix; Albus Dumbledore

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Kingsley Shacklebolt is a highly qualified Auror working in the Ministry of Magic; he is also a member of the Order of the Phoenix.

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We first see Kingsley Shacklebolt as he is introduced to Harry as part of the Advance Guard, part of the Order of the Phoenix, there to take him from Number Four, Privet Drive to the Order's Headquarters. It is also mentioned that he is handling the Ministry's search for Sirius Black, which allows him to selectively give weight to misleading rumors about the fugitive.

As Arthur Weasley accompanies Harry to the Ministry before his hearing, they pass through the Auror division. Kingsley stops him and demands information on any reported flying vehicles, something that would be in Arthur's purview, as it is believed Sirius Black may still be using his flying motorcycle. In an undertone, Arthur invites him back to Headquarters for dinner, and Kingsley says that Sirius might be interested in an article in the magazine he's just handed Arthur. (We later hear that Harry guesses the magazine in question to be the Quibbler, which is carrying a story about Sirius in fact being one Stubby Boardman, a popular singing star.)

Kingsley is one of two Aurors who accompany Cornelius Fudge to Professor Dumbledore's office at the time of the attempted expulsion of Harry for violating an Educational Decree. Kingsley surreptitiously alters the memory of Dolores Umbridge's star witness, so that the evidence against Harry is not available. He warns Umbridge when she starts physically shaking that same witness, Marietta Edgecombe. And when the attempt is made to arrest Dumbledore, he does nothing, but allows himself to be knocked out alongside Fudge, Umbridge, and his fellow Auror Dawlish.

He is also one of the Order members who arrives at the Department of Mysteries to help Harry and his friends. Here we see him take on two Death Eaters at once, including Augustus Rookwood. He is later seen dueling Bellatrix Lestrange after the latter kills Sirius, however he is defeated and injured shortly after.

It is mentioned that Kingsley Shacklebolt has become assistant to the Muggle Prime Minister, in order to protect the Prime Minister against the use of Dark Magic.

Vernon Dursley is visited early in the summer by Kingsley and Arthur Weasley, who tell him that Harry's magical protection will end on his seventeenth birthday, and that the Dursley family would then be at risk. They offer the services of some members of the Order of the Phoenix to hide and protect Vernon, Petunia, and Dudley. Vernon later voices dissatisfaction with the arrangements; it seems he has seen Kingsley on TV, as secretary to the Muggle Prime Minister, and is reassured by his proximity to power, but wants to know why Kingsley hasn't been assigned to Vernon's family.

It is mentioned that Kingsley Shacklebolt and Hermione, disguised as Harry, will be riding a thestral to create a diversion when Harry leaves Privet Drive on his way to the Burrow.

A Patronus is sent to warn the guests at Bill and Fleur's wedding that the Ministry has fallen to the Death Eaters. The Patronus is apparently sent by Kingsley as it speaks with his voice.

It is mentioned shortly after Christmas that Kingsley had used Lord Voldemort's name, and as a result was surrounded by Death Eaters. He had fought his way out and was now on the run.

In March, Ron manages to tune in the pirate wireless program "Potterwatch". Lee Jordan, as "River", introduces "Royal", easily identifiable by his voice as Kingsley, who gives information about the current state of the Wizarding government. "Royal" talks about heavy casualties among the Muggles, and approves of wizards who have acted to protect the Muggles from harm, often without the Muggles' knowledge.

Between the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and the epilogue Nineteen Years After, Kingsley becomes Minister for Magic and makes many changes that make the Wizarding World "a sunnier one".

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He has the uncanny ability to stay calm in any situation, and as was mentioned before, he is a highly qualified Auror.

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It's unknown if Kingsley was in the original Order of the Phoenix who fought against Voldemort during his first rise to power, which had ended, as of this book, some fifteen years earlier. At one point he is mentioned in a conversation about newly recruited members, however he himself isn't directly referred to in that context. Another thing to note is that he was not in the photo of the original Order that Moody showed to Harry. We can't consider this to rule out the possibility that Kingsley was then a member, as we know Fabian Prewett and Mundungus Fletcher were both members at that time, yet they were not in that photograph either. Another thing to note is that Kingsley apparently knew James, and also seemed to have some familiarity with Lupin. Kingsley is certainly old enough to have been in the first incarnation of the Order, but based on what we see here we cannot say conclusively whether he was a member then or not.

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