Muggles' Guide to Harry Potter/Characters/Hermes

Nhân vật
Giới tínhUnknown
Màu tócNone (feathers)
Màu mắtUnknown, probably yellow
Gia đìnhUnknown
Gắn bóPercy Weasley

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Hermes is Percy Weasley's owl. Percy received Hermes as a gift in his fifth year (Harry's first year) for being made a prefect.

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Philosopher's StoneSửa đổi

Hermes is mentioned in passing, as Ron mentions that he has to put up with Errol, who has grown rather old.

Chamber of SecretsSửa đổi

When Harry is staying at the Burrow just before school starts, Ron mentions that he had wanted to borrow Hermes to send some messages, but that Percy, who was staying shut up in his room all summer, would not loan him.

At the end of the book, we learn that Percy has been sending messages back and forth to Penelope Clearwater, his girlfriend, and that is why Hermes had been busy.

Order of the PhoenixSửa đổi

Hermes appears at the window of the Gryffindor common room late at night on the Saturday of the first week of school. He is carrying a letter from Percy directed at Ron, which Percy had wanted delivered separately from the regular mail. Hermes leaves immediately, not waiting for a reply. The letter, full of the sort of pontification that Percy is known for, only makes Ron angry, though Harry and Hermione find it rather amusing, particularly the parts where Percy warns Ron that Harry may be mentally unstable.

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