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Neville's battered appearance shocks Harry, though Neville is actually quite cheerful. Leading the Trio down a dark tunnel, Neville asks if they really broke into Gringotts and escaped on a dragon. Neville updates them on changes at the school. Any student refusing to Curse another student as punishment is beaten. The Muggle Studies teacher, [[Muggles' Guide to Harry Potter/Characters/Alecto Carrow|Alecto Carrow]], insists all Muggles are dirty and stupid. Neville received one scar after asking her how much Muggle blood she had, though the Carrows punished him relatively lightly because he is a Pureblood. Neville helped re-build Dumbledore's Army, and they were pulling pranks and creating disruptions, but after Luna and Ginny departed the school, the rebellion died down. When Neville was identified as a ringleader, the Carrows tried to kidnap his grandmother as retaliation. Before going on the run, Mrs. Longbottom put at least one [[Muggles' Guide to Harry Potter/Characters/Dawlish|attacker]] into St. Mungo's Hospital. Neville decided he should also disappear.
Harry does not immediately realize that they have entered the Room of Requirement, which has grown bigger and become more comprehensive as Dumbledore's Army members went into hiding. The room is unable to provide food, but when Neville's need became great enough, a tunnel leading to the Hog's Head Inn opened, and Aberforth has been sending supplies ever since. Seamus says Neville is the one who knows how to get the Room of Requirement to provide what they need.
Harry tells the group there is something that he, Ron, and Hermione must do, then they will leave. Everybody is dismayed, but Neville expresses what everyone is feeling: that they have shown loyalty to Dumbledore and have earned the right to fight Voldemort alongside Harry.

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