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n (Actually te books don't mention his hair, only that he is a "round-faced boy".)
With the many similarities between Harry and Neville's circumstances, and their tie to Trelawney's prophecy, it seems more than coincidental that they should also be assigned to the same Gryffindor dorm. Was this intentional on Dumbledore's part? We never know, but if it was, he may have intended that the two boys support each another in a way few others could. This hardly seems likely at first, as Harry has relatively little interest in or interaction with Neville. Their bond grows however, and Harry exerts a great influence on Neville, helping him overcome his magical handicap. Neville, in return, is among Harry's strongest supporters, risking his life in the battle at the Ministry of Magic, and stepping into a leadership role after Harry departs Hogwarts before his seventh year. It was only after Harry embraced Neville as a friend that most other students also did so; but as Neville becomes a capable wizard and a strong leader, he is acknowledged and admired for his own merits. During the final battle at Hogwarts, Harry tasks Neville to kill Nagini. Though not fully understanding why, Neville promises he will, and destroys Voldemort's last Horcrux. Harry never forgets what Neville has done for him.
Romantically, Neville remains challenged throughout the series. He becomes close to Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood, eventually reviving and leading Dumbledore's Army along with them, but both girls are only friends. He is also on good terms with Hermione, though their relationship is more casual. While at Hogwarts, Neville never has a girlfriend, nor is it known if there is anyone he is interested in. Though Luna would seem a suitable match, her personality is probably much too eccentric for the more conventional Neville. He surprisingly mustered the courage to invite Hermione, and later Ginny, to the Yule Ball in ''Goblet of Fire.'' Whether he was actually attracted to either or just felt comfortable enough to ask them as a friend is unclear. Hermione already had a date, and it was Ginny who accepted Neville's invitation, though she, of course, had no romantic interest in him, and was merely excited to be going to the ball. She was soon disappointed, however, upon learning that she could have instead gone with Harry, who was having difficulty finding his own date. Both Harry and Ron seemed mildly annoyed that Neville was able to procure a date to the ball before they did, even if it was Ginny.
Professor Dumbledore and Neville's teachers genuinely like him, though other than Professor Sprout who teaches Herbology, there apparently is little expectation regarding his academic performance. Professor Snape is overly critical regarding his in-class abilities, so much so that Neville becomes terrified of him. Under Professor Lupin's patient guidance, however, Neville is coaxed into performing quite well in the Defense Against the Dark Arts demonstration, infusing him with a much needed confidence boost that Harry is later able to build upon to improve Neville's magical skills in his own Defensive Arts class.
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